In 1934, the plumber Mr Richard Fischer (1907-1993) founded the company in Stuttgart Heslach. In the early years, Richard Fischer remained loyal to his learned profession. After a few more years, however, the still young company also began to produce classic sheet metal parts - predominantly for the construction industry. In the second generation the company was reorganised and the focus was directed more towards industry.

The company starts to manufacture its own products. RIFIS domestic oil tanks and tool cabinets are produced. In 1969 a new production facility is set up in Filderstadt-Bernhausen and the company is relocated. The company's plumbing and sanitary installation activities are sold. A patented in-house development by Mr Jürgen Fischer for stacking cut sheet metal sections (brand name: RIFIS stacker) is sold up to 400 times worldwide in the 60s and 70s.

In 1982, RIFIS is one of the first companies in Germany to invest in the brand new laser cutting technology. A CO2 laser cutting machine from the Swiss company Raskin is purchased and laser contract manufacturing is started. By the turn of the millennium, the company is well positioned to carry out manufacturing work. As more and more customers entrust the complete production of their projects to RIFIS, the demand for mechanical parts also grows.

RIFIS reacts to the demand and sets up a small mechanical part workshop. During the course of the increasing internationalisation, RIFIS also starts to adapt and reorganise. A production facility is set up in Turkey, directly in Istanbul – new business contacts are made. The third generation, represented by Mr Harry Fischer, today heads a classic family-owned company – but with international orientation.