We are expanding our machining possibilities with the installation of single-disc lapping machines.

Machining allowance

Approx. 0.05 mm.

Removal rate

Approx. 0.005 mm/min.


Our process chain for mechanical part production also includes high-quality surface finishing.

Technical information
Material Steel, Stainless Steel, NF Metals, Ceramics, Quartz, Glass
  min max
Workpiece size approx. dia. 10 x 10 mm (L x W) approx. dia. 240 mm or 240 x 240 mm (L x W)
  Flatness Plane parallelism
Achievable measured values 0.1 µm - 0.4 µm 1 µm - 2 µm
  Peak-to-valley roughness (Rt) Mean value (Ra) Average peak-to-valley roughness (Rz)
Achievable surface finishes 0.2 µm - 0.4 µm 0.016 µm - 0.04 µm 0.17 µm - 0.3 µm