Assembly units

The customer determines how far he would like to go with RIFIS.

Our internal operating sequence is very flexible and can quickly be adapted to any task required by our customers. The production areas in place at RIFIS make it possible for our customers to follow the principle of "everything from a single source". For companies interested in reducing their dependence on suppliers without having to give up a wide range of different manufacturing processes, RIFIS assembly manufacturing is a promising alternative.

Our assembly unit manufacturing is based on manufacturing of individual production parts with coordinated timing in the core areas of laser technology, mechanics, sheet metal technology and welding. RIFIS also assumes responsibility for complete uniform implementation of the single-level parts list.

If requested, RIFIS can also deliver the elements of the single-level parts list assembled and packaged. A separate assembly and storage area also ensures sufficient space for storing materials provided by customers safely and orderly.

We would like to present two of our current assembly unit projects as samples — could your own product be here soon?

BrauEule Home Brewing System

With the "BrauEule" microbrewing system, you become the brew master in your own home. The brewing system takes care of all the required steps beginning with mashing, through lautering and on to boiling the wort. Interested? Read more at

The individual parts are produced together as an assembly unit at RIFIS. At the beginning of the project the customer requirements were checked for feasibility and coordinated with special manufacturing possibilities. Various adjustments and improvements were made over the course of repeat production runs. They were worked out together with the customer and implemented by RIFIS in terms of design and production technology. The refinements were made to adapt the product to available manufacturing possibilities, which in turn led to a cost-effective, high-quality and reproducible manufacturing process.

The "BrauEule" (BrewOwl) assembly unit consists of different materials processed with a wide range of manufacturing methods. The housing consists of several individual parts.

The base and lining are made of ground stainless steel sheet, while the lid is made of stainless steel sheet with a linen finish. The individual plates are cut from metal sheets using a laser cutting machine, deburred so they will be comfortable to handle, and folded on a CNC bending machine. The front pieces and cover are made of standard commercial copper sheet which is subsequently polished mechanically. This results in high-gloss polished visible surfaces which meet the most demanding standards of quality. The curved front metal sheets are punched and rounded. The main element in the striking cover is a pressed piece soldered to form a unit with various small parts. The product is delivered as an unassembled set of parts.

Kanbur Barbecue

Barbecue, bake and cook! This is how the company, Kanbur, calls its newest introduction to the barbecue grill market. With a Kanbur barbecue different uses are combined in one unit. Tasty and easy barbecuing with harmless and healthy barbecue pleasure. The Kanbur barbecue offers two different ways of heating - the classic one with the help of charcoal, and the electric one, using the fitted infra-red elements. Design and functionality – learn more now about this new product at

RIFIS manufactures the assembly and puts it together. An external electrical company wires and commissions them.

The assembly undergoes the entire RIFIS value chain. At the beginning the construction was brought to life at RIFIS with the help of a 3D CAD system.  The Kanbur was then refined and improved - primarily after the findings of the first prototype had been evaluated. Customers really appreciated the thereby direct routes and un-bureaucratic processing during the development phase.

On the production side, much value is laid on very clean workmanship. Through the inevitable cleaning of the barbecue, the end user gets an insight into all corners and niches of his new unit. Even the smallest turned and milled parts in the interior have therefore an elegant looking finish and bevelled edges. The massive stand with the pivot bearing for opening the swing doors, is a striking detail and is, in addition, in the course of machining, finely keyed up and polished. Sharp, raw edges are as undesirable as pointed corners on the sheet metal components. All sheet metal is therefore very carefully deburred. A wet grinding deburring system helps us when rounding off the edges. The number of welds has been minimized and the positions clearly defined to avoid a time-consuming post-processing. Alternatively, many break points in the field of view have been riveted. Apart from the wooden handles, all parts are made of stainless steel. There are almost no alternatives for this in the food sector. Even the dark surfaces of the swing doors are essentially made of stainless steel. The surface of the structure plate has been blacked in the factory and the tips of the imprints of the stampings were ultimately polished out again.

Upon delivery, the end customer receives a fully functional device. The BBQ fun can begin!