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ELFIT e-Hybrid Trike
Be an active part of the turnaround in energy policy

The 100% electrically powered ELFIT e-hybrid trike is an essential and stimulating contribution to the turnaround in energy policy. It is an iconic, innovative trailblazer for smoothing the transition to electromobility in short-distance travel and is highly practical for everyday life. ELFIT is also the optimum outdoor home trainer (design ergometer on three wheels) for active motion and motivating fitness training at any age.

A true innovation

ELFIT is driven without a conventional chain drive and yet it works like a cycle! Pedalling motions are converted directly into additional drive or charging current. "Pedalling" does not have to be powerful, but it should be continuous. It can be metered individually. Each driver determines his or her energy supplied personally based on individual capability, mood and current conditions. This in turn determines the corresponding "range extension". Two gear speeds allow for slow or fast pedalling or activation of the integrated smart generator, which is able to produce up to 40% of the driving current in addition. Equipped with two LiFePo4 36V 10Ah rechargeable batteries, each of which can be activated alone, a range between 50 and 70 km can be reached depending on driving style, total weight and topography. Two additional shafts are also provided for reserve batteries, which can increase the action radius accordingly. The drive motor also functions as a low-level regenerative current generator.

The determining features of the functional design are the "low frame entry", ergonomic sitting position and high cornering stability – especially important for three-wheel vehicles.

Target groups and benefits
  • Physical activity enthusiasts of all ages who feel more at ease and secure on three wheels than on two-wheel vehicles
  • All car owners who would like to make their short-distance trips and errands in the future fully electrical and environmentally responsible
  • All older transport users without a driver's license
  • All people with health and mobility limitations – the active, low-load pedalling motions of the legs will noticeably improve mental state, provide self-determined freedom of mobility and enhance quality of life
  • All companies, organisations, health facilities, municipalities, etc., who see in ELFIT a fascinating and sustainable image or advertising medium for the public
Triggering idea and goal
  • To make the image and potential benefits of e-trikes more attractive and to communicate this effectively
  • To develop sustainable, generation-appropriate products oriented to real needs to increase mobility and enhance quality of life and position them in the market
  • To actively and creatively promote the key e-mobility goals and trends of our time
The initial situation

Between vehicles with two and four wheels, there is a logistical gap for users which has received scant attention: Whatever is not supported by two wheels has to be done with a car. The ELFIT e-hybrid trike can fill this niche immediately, powered 100% by electricity, for daily errands and short-distance travel. "Leave the car in the garage more often" and make a hybrid-electrical contribution to having one million electric vehicles on German streets and highways by 2020. Supplies and care also become increasingly difficult and expensive with advancing age, especially in case of illness or increasing frailty; mobility diminishes, corridors of movement shrink and dependence on outside help increases. Insufficient social contact and lack of mobility weaken health and the sense of well being. Driving a car as the driver ages increases personal risk as well as the risk for other drivers. As long as there is no meaningful alternative to ones own well-loved car, however, any "letting go" is a rip in the fabric of life. ELFIT can make this good-bye a less painful separation while offering new outdoor freedom.

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