Machine Construction

Our vertical range of manufacturing makes it possible to implement complex products and high-functionality systems. Until 1990 RIFIS developed and built stacking systems. The "RIFIS stacking system" was used to unstack sheet metal blanks. It was operated together with standard commercial plate shears. About 400 machines were built and placed in operation around the world. The design and manufacture of todays systems are based on over 80 years of experience in mechanical engineering, machine construction and metal processing.

Series RF506070
Single-disc lapping and polishing machine

Lapping is a machine-based manufacturing method used to smooth surfaces, also performed manually depending on time factors. A mixture of lapping powder and lapping oil is used for lapping. Unlike grinding, where the abrasive grit is solidly attached, this process uses loose grit. Very little material is removed, which facilitates very high surface qualities. Measured values that can be achieved on lapped surfaces are as follow:

  • Typical surface roughness (Sr) 0.2μ - 0.4μ
  • Typical evenness 0.1μ - 0.3μ
  • Typical plane parallelism 1μ - 2μ

With a series RF506070 machine the user receives a solid, user-friendly product with a long service life. Many small details contribute to ensuring that functionality and looks are not mutually exclusive. We take feedback from experienced machine operators very seriously and are also very happy to meet special customer-specific wishes.

Optimised working with the 360° rotating load unit

One feature that sets our RF series apart is the rotating load unit. Replacing the working disc in lapping and polishing machines is often problematic during production as accessibility may be impaired by various attachments. This is not the case with the RIFIS system. Simply unlock the support arm with a handle and swivel the complete load unit to the side. This opens up the way and the disc can be quickly and easily replaced. You save downtime and increase production employees' motivation for work.

Simply swivel to the side

The advantages of RF machines at a glance

  • Productive manufacturing with the optional, 360° rotating load unit
  • Extremely low torsion due to sturdy, twist-free design and construction
  • Maximum possible precision and processing with the latest manufacturing technology
  • Special manufacturing possible with no problems
  • We manufacture wear parts for standard and individual solutions from our own production facilities